SINCE 1750


“Granted by the King to Madame de Pompadour” the Verrerie Royal settled in the lands of his castle at Sèvres. His fame spreads rapidly and in just a decade, it is considered one of the best glassworks in France. As passionate about refined taste and art, the Marquise is determined to decorate the royal table with the most beautiful and perfect glasses as those made by Venetian.

Thanks to their hard work, glassware receive the patronage of Queen Marie Antoinette. She continued supplying the court with the latest fashion items and high quality.

But if there is an item that left the world breathless were the famous opal glass that Sèvres created for Charles X and that will become the jewels of the Empire and their participation in the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

On the death of his sister, he will be the Marquis de Marigny who take the reins of glassware and enter production in Europe, whose objects will be essential in large tables.

In a century and a half, Cristal de Sevres conquers all lovers of art and of the table, only settle for the best.