Cristal de Sèvres and Sommeliers International

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On 1st January 2016 Cristal de Sèvres was joined in the prestigious fair organized by Sommeliers International, which brought together important leading producer of cognac at the splendid Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute.

Tastings were served in Vinea glasses by Toujours-Cristal de Sèvres, the most versatil and functional collection of Cristal de Sèvres. Vinea is designed to enjoy every shade, distinguishing one type of glass for each type of drink. Cognac glasses was very well acceptance.

During the presentation attendees could also observe some of the most emblematic bottles and decanters of the French maison, as Dundee, Havane, Islay or Gevrey.

The event, which was a very good reception, was attended by important international sommeliers who could check every shade thanks to the qualities and special features of Vinea.